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Fred Silva sang the song for the dove like Marley's song in 1968 in the State Broadcasting Service of Radio Ceylon.

Composed verses and the song lyrics then veteran writer of the Nayaka of Mr. Cyril.

1968 Mr. freddy silva
Fred Silva Memorial Foundation to launch a new music under the Public Marley song or take legal action against the responsible parties to allow the promotion of the song Fred Silva, daughter of Fred Silva, Chandani poised say.

Public Marley song sung by Fred Silva design the old Tamil song

rdc ud,sf.a .S;h wêlrKhg - merKsu fydr fldmshla

fï Èkj, fndfyda ckm%sh;ajhg m;a frâ kï .dhlhd úiska .dhkd lrk ,rdc ud,sf.a, .S;h iïnkaOj bÈßfha§ kS;suh l%shdud¾. .ekSug kshñ; nj jd¾;d fõ' mfrúhd jf.a rdc ud,sf.a .S;h 1968 j¾Ifha§ f¾äfhda isf,daka .=jka úÿ,s fiajh i|yd f*%ä

red sri lanka artist 2012
rdc ud,sf.a .S;h kj ix.S;h hgf;a t<soelaùu i|yd f*%ä is,ajd wkqiaurK mokfuka fyda j.lsjhq;= md¾Yjhkaf.ka wjir fkd.ekSu ksidfjka tu .S;hg tfrysj kS;suh l%shdud¾. .ekSug f*%ä is,ajdf.a ÈhKsh jk pdkaokS f*%ä is,ajd iQodkñka miqjk nj wm fj; jd¾;d fõ'

f*%ä is,ajd úiska .ehQ rdc ud,sf.a .S;h merKs oñ, .S;hl ;kqjlg wkqj ks¾udKh lrk ,oaols' 
is,ajd úiska .dhkd lrk ,o .S;hls' .S;fha mo rpkd fldg we;af;a tjl m%ùk f.ah mo rplfhl= jQ isß,a ta iS,úu, uy;d úisks'

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